Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stigmata- Real or a Hoax?

Claim: Stigmata, is a gift bestowed by Christ, to enable the person to suffer the same wounds that marred Christ and attain a new level of holiness. 

Criteria of Adequacy:
Testability: the hypothesis cannot be tested because holiness is not something that can be measured and because God is both spiritual and supernatural, it is almost impossible to measure His gifts. 

Fruitfulness: Because it cannot be tested, one cannot measure its fruits. However if it was true, it would yield fruit in pointing to the existence of God, intelligent design etc. 

Scope: It has an incredible amount of scope because it would prove the existence of God, intelligent design, and other religious dilemma's

Simplicity: it is not simple, because the hypothesis in itself makes a huge claim in accepting the existence of God.

Conservatism: it would depend on a person's religious beliefs but furthermore their understanding of God and His relation with humanity

Conclusion: It is not a very good hypothesis based on the above criteria because it fails many of the different elements.

SEARCH Formula:
STATE the claim
Examine the EVIDENCE for the claim.
Consider ALTERNATIVE hypotheses.
RATE, according to the CRITERIA of adequacy, each HYPOTHESIS. 

THE TEAM: Kylie, Aftan, Graciela, Alma, Emily, Travis, & Michael

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